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    WYSIWYG editor

    noicangi Novice

      i'm having troubles using the editor, i'm not sure its the portlet or the editor, i download the latest WYSIWYG editor and copied to the directory C:\JBoss\server\default\deploy\jboss-portal.sar\portal-core.war\images\cms\admin\tiny_mce but the same happens, also the javascript of a html file doesn't work.

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          Roy Russo Master

          No. Don't do that.

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            noicangi Novice

            i suposed the tiny_mce its an aplication used by the portal, i updated the time mce to get all the funcionalities of the editor.....the things it that it works the same as the original one but its still with problems...the fonts, color size of letters etc...i know i could upload a file but its for have the portal perfect :P

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              Conrad Kanengieter Newbie

              Perhaps you need to need to build the source in your shell. Did you try getting the source code for the jboss portal??? (Note that each version of the jboss portal has a different infrastructure.)

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                Conrad Kanengieter Newbie

                I just meant that you might want to leverage the portlet app so that it is consistent with how the portal is layed out. You might want to use the CSS style sheets for the themes in core/resources/portal-core-war (e.g.-portlet-font).

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                  noicangi Novice

                  yes i change the theme for changing the color and fonts but if y want to bold text on a portlet it doesn't function.

                  i was thinking that maybe the theme changes the text inside the html.....maybe if i comment the portlet properties in the theme it would work.

                  build the source? it works like that? i download the bundled for easier instalation :P

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                    Conrad Kanengieter Newbie

                    If the portlet tiny_mce works but does not work with the theme, then try modifying the 'jsp' files under src/resources/portal-tiny_mce-war/WEB-INF/jsp so they use portlet-font.

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                      Conrad Kanengieter Newbie

                      ...and other fonts that are defined for the themes. [/img]

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                        noicangi Novice

                        ok but its silly to define a portlet style for the work inside a portlet...maybe i need to have diferrent portlet with diferrents kind of fonts sizes etc...

                        i need to know if this is a bug in jboss ( because the thmes determinate the fonts styles) or its my instalation....

                        thnks in advance.

                        pd: how do i buid the source....i only use the bundled version :P

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                          Conrad Kanengieter Newbie

                          OK... If you have a bundled version, then you could not build it. However, if you have the source code including the '*.jsp' files, then you could adjust them so that, wherever there are fonts 'Arial', 'Verdana', etc., you could replace them with 'portlet-header' or 'portlet-font' so they match the css style sheets in the themes.

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                            Woodler Expert

                            to overwrite the styles for a portlet, you can use the css injection
                            there is a programmatic way, and a declarative way to inject a css. The injected css overwrites the theme css in the scop of the portlet that injects it. See the theme doc for details on how to do this.

                            Another option you have is to use different classes and ids in this portlet, and add the selectors for those to the theme css

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                              Conrad Kanengieter Newbie

                              OK... disregard my previous posts if you are trying to update web pages using your editor. I first thought that you were trying to get the themes for the editor the same as the themes for the rest of the portal. If you are actually trying to change themes using your editor, check to make sure that your WYSIWYG editor supports CMS in your portal version of 2.2.

                              Sorry if I led you through wild tangents.

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                                noicangi Novice

                                ok thnkx concan...

                                ...maybe i'm not expresing myself clear...the thing is that i'm trying to update text content of a html file using the wysiwyg editor of the cms admin portlet...but the editor if not working well...i can't change the font properties eventhough i write html code.

                                also....the versioning...if i create a new version of a html in the editor i cannot reuse an older one or edit it.

                                please check or confirm this problem :)

                                pd: i know this is not the right topic but how could i put content in the cms without uploading it? i'm supposing that if i have 300 pictures i have to upload them one by one¿?

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                                  Alexander Shlyannikov Newbie

                                  why don't you recommend to update to the latest version of editor?

                                  I have downloaded the TinyMCE from the site, replaced all files and folders in jboss-portal.sar\portal-core.war\images\cms\admin\tiny_mce\
                                  with the new ones and then updated the 2 jsp's:

                                  - updated the javascript function

                                  as shown in examples of TinyMCE.

                                  That woks.