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    How to bypass select in the jbp_user when using DatabaseLogi

    Alessandro Ribeiro Newbie


      I´m using DatabaseLoginModule to authenticate against an application database server. The problem is that, before authenticating against the database, there should already be an entry in the jbp_users table, otherwise the user will get an "404" error. To insert that user in the jbp_users, the user should register himself in the Portal before he logs in the system, but I´m enforcing login before the user can view any of the portlets.

      My question is: can I configure JBP to bypass SELECT on the jbp_users. Alternatively, can I configure JBP and/or DatabaseLoginModule to create that record on the jbp_user table the first time the user logs in ? Do I need to create a custom LoginModule for that ?


      Alessandro Coelho Ribeiro