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    Portlet example released

    Jose Noheda Newbie

      I would have loved to finish it in time (quite a lot of things in the todo list yet) but it wasn't posible. Unfortunately I won't be able to work on it on regular basis from now on so I'm releasing it as is.

      This project was developed from scratch to learn about the JBOSS environment. It has not been tested in any way.

      * Portlet & servlet development in a web app
      * Spring M2
      * Hibernate
      * i18n
      * WYSIWYG FCKEditor
      * Transparent menus
      * Layout and themes
      * JBOSS deployment

      All in all it served me well to understand all the portal infrastructure. Specially those areas where the documentation alone was not enough. Beware that some things are not done following the JBOSS patterns (specially the 3-column layout!)

      It's been developed using Netbeans. I'm quite sure you'll need it to compile.

      Known Issues:
      * To be able to change the Locale you'll have to patch JBOSS Portal sources with http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=77394

      SRC: http://www.internna.es/opensource/InternnaPortal_src.rar
      BIN: http://www.internna.es/opensource/InternnaPortal.war

      * First of all, you need to have a working installation of JBOSS Portal v2.2 (better from CVS sources) and MySQL 4.1 (at least, this is what I use)
      * If using the WAR provided just deploy it, create a role named Editor and assign it to any user. You should have a new Page created (News).
      * If compiling from sources, download Spring (nightly build recommended http://www.springframework.org/snaphots), download JSTL from Apache, open Netbeans, open the project, add libraries as needed and compile. Once you have the WAR follow the above steps.

      I hope all this helps someone!! :-)