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    ForumsPortlet disappears when maximized...

    Vince Marco Newbie

      I've got the ForumsPortlet 2.2.1RC2 installed in the JBoss Portal 2.2.1RC2 + 4.0.3SP1 bundle. I've got both the default portal and also my own portal deployed.

      When I maximize the ForumsPortlet in my portal, the window dissappears. However, it works in the default portal. It seems that when I try to use the ForumsPortlet and the window disappears, it is actually maximized in the default portal.

      What am I doing wrong? Or could this be a bug?

      Thanks, in advance.


        • 1. Re: ForumsPortlet disappears when maximized...
          Vince Marco Newbie

          Ok, this is definately something I'm doing wrong in my portal configuration (myportal-objects.xml).

          None of my portlets show up when maximized. Any suggestions?

          BTW - I must say that I do have a Tapestry-based portlet working very well, and it is nice. I want to also get a JSF-facelet based portlet working to contrast the 2 frameworks, but this is the way to do portlets.

          • 2. Found it: layoutStrategy
            Vince Marco Newbie

            As much as I dislike answering my own questions, I feel it is good to share.

            This was fairly easy, just a bit allusive. I had my layoutStrategyId set to "default" instead of "maximizedRegion". I guess I'm wondering why maximizedRegion isn't the default. It seems that portlet minimize and maximize should probably be one by default, especially if porlets like the forums portlet are going to rely so heavily upon maximized windows to get anything done.