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    Portlets with Facelets

    Michael Arnold Newbie

      I was able to create a couple of portlets with MyFaces 1.1.1 and get them working with JBP2.2 without any problems. I decided I wanted to try using Facelets and that's where I ran into an issue. It seemed at first that everything had deployed fine, but nothing was displayed when I went to the portal page where my JSF portlet instances were previously available.

      I scoured the ManagementPortlet for some clues and found there the application view-handler configured in faces-config.xml as com.sun.facelets.FaceletPortletViewHandler. I also found that the version of Facelets used in the portal is 1.0.2.

      Currently Facelets is at 1.0.10 and the FaceletPortletViewHandler is no longer available. I couldn't get my portlets working in JBP using the FaceletViewHandler class, only with the 1.0.2 version that comes with JBP where the FaceletPortletViewHandler is still available.

      Is there any additional info anyone can provide here? Was this class left out of the Facelets jar for a reason or should I just continue to use the 1.0.2 version?