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    cvs, 2.4 clustering

    noicangi Novice

      hi, i have 2 clustered jboss as 404rc1 in redhat9, one mysql 4 using the connector 3.1 and the portal 2.4 builded from the cvs.

      my problem is that when i create content in the cms manager, or upload something the content isn't replicated on the servers, but when i add som e page to the portal all work fine.

      i set the jboss-service.xml which manages the repositories and i set them to same content in the database, but the content don't.

      if you know a solution please post and help this newbie++. :)

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          Thomas Heute Master

          Did you try running the CMS service as a HA singleton ?

          It's commented out at the beginning of the file.

          But please bare with us, this is something (CMS clustering) that we are currently intensively working on.

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            noicangi Novice

            hi thomas, thanks for your reply, i will try building the source with the solution you plan.

            maybe its the tutorial, but some days ago someone post that the repositories.xml was obsolete and now we have to use the jboss-portal.sar/portal-cms.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml,
            i was thinking if it is posible to make the cms repository use a zippped directory located in the farm folder?
            actually i'm coping the all/data/portal folder from the server y create content to the other node.

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              Thomas Heute Master

              you should not have your content in all/data/portal, unless you are using the storage on file instead of Hibernate storage (the default is Hibernate)

              (The zipped directory is only used to put initial content)

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                noicangi Novice

                i yes, i know i must use database storage, this is the default configuration isn't it?

                i edit the tag's(with all inside) at jboss-portal.sar/portal-cms.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml with the RDBMS configuration examples from the wiki's but still stores some kind of information in files.

                here's my cluster information for you notice i'm following all steps:

                -jboss as 404rc1, unziped
                -2 redhat9 computers, one mysql 4 with the connector and all configurated well
                -i build portal 2.4 from CVS with cluster=true

                -i configured like i said before to use only database storage :(

                could you post the rdbms config? i used the one of the wiki's


                thanks in advance

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                  Thomas Heute Master

                  The default install from CVS will use DB for everything and use PortalDS. If you defined PortalDS to use MySQL you don't need to copy data/portal from a node to the other.

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                    noicangi Novice

                    hi, i used the clustered configuration by default, i don't set anything and the cms content don't replicates, i'm using 2.4cvs version.

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                      Thomas Heute Master

                      By default the CMS service is not started by default.
                      I just tried with what's in the latest CVS with clustering enabled and by commenting out what's in jboss-service.xml files created/modified on one node are correctly seen by the other node.

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                        Thomas Heute Master

                        Let me rephrase, the CMS serive is started but not as a HA singleton by default

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                          noicangi Novice

                          ok thomas, i understand you, when i build the portal with cluster ON i must cofigure the jboss-service at the portal-cms.sar/META-INF, Could you tell me what exactly or reference what i have to comment out?

                          thanks Thomas for your time and for guiding in next step of a simple user. :)