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    Passing parameters in a friendly URL

    Adam Warski Master

      Is it possible to pass parameters that are in a "friendly URL" (for example: /portal/default/page_name?param1=val1) to portlets? They are not visible normally (as this is not a "rendner url" or "action url" ), but nevertheless, I think it would be quite useful (not only for me :) ). I suppose that the specification or sth like that forbids it, but maybe there's a way to change this default behaviour?

      I have a custom url mapper, and so far thought only about having a "default portlet" defined for each page, and redirecting from an url /portal/default/page_name to a render url of that default portlet with the parameters attached. But maybe there's a better way to do this.

      Also, I have a small question about exceptions logging - I have noticed that if a portlet throws an exception, it is not logged on the console output. How can I change that? (in 2.0 it was different).