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    How to format the data Table filter slider value?

    Thiagu Mariappan Novice

      Hi every one

      I am using the data table filter component in my project.
      The slider is used to filter the data table, based on the product price column.
      I need to format the slider value in Indian Rupee format (Rs.). But I don't know how to format the slider value. Can any one help me with detail on formatting the slider value?

      I wrote the custom converter for format the (INR) price.
      Here is my sample code for input number slider, what I try in my project.

      <rich:inputNumberSlider minValue="#{minprice}" value="#{productsearch.maxinr}" maxValue="#{maxprice}" step="#{step}" enableManualInput="false" id="maxprice">
       <f:converter converterId="priceConverter"/>

      Also, we have the need to use dual slider in our project. I believe there is now provision for that component in the current version. Will this component be available in future version of RichFaces?