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    Newbee: Where to start?

    T. Meyer Newbie


      I am new the JBoss portal and want to know where to start to create an own website using the JBoss Portal CMS.
      I looked into the JBoss Portal User Guide, but they start with complicated terms like:

      Portal Object Management - Dynamicity
      Managing portlets and portlet instances
      CMS Portlet

      and so on.

      What is a portlet???

      I looked into the Managment Portlet area, but I do not understand:

      What is a portal? What is an instance of a portal?

      What are the items witihin the drill-down box?


      How do I create content?

      Really complicated!

      For a newbee there is no step by step guide to create a CMS based website from scratch.

      Can somebody help me please?
      Thanks a lot!