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    how to change the securit-constrain for the Test page

    peter Apprentice


      I am trying 2.2.1(2.2 branch). I need to hide the Test page only viewable for the admin.

      I tried the following two ways
      (1) I change the default-object.xml file of the sample Test portlets. and redeploy the portal. It seems that redeployment doesnt work
      (2) I clean the jbossportal database and recreate again ($./dropdb jbossportal and $./createdb jbossportal) and then restart the jboss portal. this time, it works. The Test page can be viewed by admin

      I think something about the security constrains are stored in the database and is independent on the redeployment of the portal. I went through roughly the database schema, and cannot understand jbp_security_constrains table.

      Who can explain the meaning of the schema of the tables? so that it is not required for me to drop the database and then recreate again. You know CMS files are already in the db. it is wasting time to reupload these cms file again and again.

      thanks very much!

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          peter Apprentice

          Also i tried the web management, it seems that i can only add permissions but cannot remove permissions. Example, the security constrains with the default jbossportal installation is that the Test page can be viewed by all(unchecked view). But i need to limit this view to only admin. I cannot make it work on the web management tool because no way for me to remove the asigned permissions. I am using firefox and safari. Is this due to the javascripts supports?...