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    CMS in 2.2.1RC3

    tim potter Newbie

      Two quick questions about 2.2.1RC3 CMS:

      1) My JNDI lookup to "repotest" for the Jackrabbit Repository doesn't work like it does in 2.2.0 ... How do I get a Repository instance in 2.2.1RC3? I looked at your new Jackrabbit service impl, but wasn't able to translate this code into how a Portlet gets the Repository.

      2) It doesn't seem like the CMS Admin Portlet shows UUIDs for nodes ... I use UUID for a node to re-use the node in multiple places in my app without having to know the full path to the node. I have a Servlet that looks up the path from the UUID, but I think it is a valid use case for the CMS.

      Thanks. 2.2.1RC3 is looking much better ;-)