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    cms content url

    lehd Newbie

      Is there any possibilty to have cms content url stay in the browser's address textfield? I mean the sitaution when i select something from cms by specifiyng content's url like http://server:8080/portal/content/path-to-content. URL mapper(mapped to 'content' prefix) will serve this url and then external redirect will follow. But I need to stay at http://server:8080/portal/content/path-to-content, not at http://server:8080/portal/default. Because I want my users to have ability to save links to cms content.
      Can anybody help me?

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          lehd Newbie

          It seemed to me that at last i found something helpful. The CMSPortlet linkmode preference is right for me. And by default it is in the right mode. The problem was because i didn't use default-object.xml from the distribution, so the preference was set to portlet mode.
          Thank to wiki, where i've found the explanation