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    IE vs firefox

    pedro costa Apprentice

      I've build an aplication that works in jboss portal. I acess the application with this url:


      The problem is that, in the firefox browser, when i submit an event, the page jumps to the current url. But in Internet Explorer, the page goes to
      http://localhost:8080/portal/auth/portal/BEM-Portal/, which is incorrect.

      Has anyone have problems regarding the browser?

      How can i solve my problem?

      Here is the URL of my page, obtained from the browser:

      <form name="listForm" method="post" action="/portal/auth/index.html?ctrl:cmd=action&ctrl:mode=view&ctrl:window=BEM-Portal.Acidentes.EventsListPortletWindow&action=view">

      Here is the real line in the jsp file:
      <c:set var="addRowURL">
       <portlet:actionURL portletMode="view">
       <portlet:param name="action" value="view"/>
      <form name="listForm" method="post" action="${addRowURL}">