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    portal urls again

    lehd Newbie

      This is my third atempt to get some clarification on portal urls.
      I hope somebody from jbp team will give me some comments on the topic.
      Today I took 3 jbp versions: 202rc1, 220, 221rc3. I deployed each of these versions to test url functionality. What I mean is the behaviour of the portal while browsing. In 202rc1 and 221rc3 there was no external redirect to render pages after action. It was only in 220. Was it a feature or a bug? As I started my project on 220 version I faced many problems and questions after updating to 221rc3.
      I need this information, because if it can be changed from version to version I will have to update most of my code every time it changes.
      Please, give any hint on this, or direct me to info on this topic if it exists anywhere.

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          Thomas Heute Master

          Redirection after action makes sense, since per the spec, refreshing your page after an action should not trigger the action once again.

          How comes your code is dependent on URLs ? It shouldn't.

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            lehd Newbie

            Hi again
            Yes, I understand that after action redirection must take place. An how about render request? Just after switching from 2.0 to 2.2 I was sure that after render request there would be no redirection. But 2.2 did it. So I made some modifications to my code. But since 2.2.1rc3 or maybe earlier redirections are gone. Even after action requests. Here are packet dumps from ethereal sniffer that show 2.2.0 and 2.2.1rc3 behaviour when just switching current theme in theme selector portlet.
            So I have the following questions:
            what behaviour is correct for action requests?
            what is for render requests?
            what will be or should be implemeted in jbp?
            and the last one - can I email you or somebody from jbp team directly?
            thanks a lot

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              lehd Newbie

              I looked into jsr168 spec and found that redirecting after action request is not part of the spec (PLT5.2.4), but portal container may use redirections after action requests(PLT5.4.2.1). And one important thing that I found is that render request (I mean following RenderURL link) is just the special action request, just without actual processing (not invoking processAction method) and simply passing render parameters to render method(PLT7.1)
              So, in this way I still have a question:
              will the 2.2.1rc3 and maybe later jbp versions follow the consideration that action or render requests will not be followed with redirections or 2.2.1rc3 has a bug and 2.2.0 behaviour(with redirections) wiil be back again?
              If jbp use redirections than I must supply navigational links like go back on most of my pages, because due to redirections working on single portal page I see the same url and pressing Back button in my browser will not get me back to previous view while without redirections I can use browser's buttons.
              As for me I already implemented everything having redirections in mind and was confused after switching to 2.2.1rc3 which doesn't use them.
              Please, help me to decide - either to make changes to my code or wait until next version with redirections.
              By the way - is there any info on the web about using prefix mappers like CMSObjectCommandMapper?
              Thank you