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    Portal Title ?

    Eric Chow Apprentice


      How can I change the portal page tilte "JBoss Portal 2.2.1-RC3" ?

      And how can I define multi-language for it ?

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          Sushma Bhat Newbie

          I have a similar problem.I even want to know how to remove/replace the name of the portal page title which always shows JBoss at the left top corner of all the portals designed.
          Any one out there can help us out?

          Thanks in advance

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            Woodler Expert

            it is taken from a constant in the generic layout's index.jsp

            to change that modify the index.jsp (and maximized.jsp) in core/src/bin/portal-core-war/layouts/generic) , adn replace the constant with what you want (JSTL ? )

             <title><%= PortalConstants.VERSION.toString() %></title>