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    Problems with building CVS main -

    Jon French Newbie

      I've just attempted to checkout and build the main branch of jboss-portal without success. These are the steps I'm taking:

      []$cvs get tools jboss-portal
      []$cd jboss-portal/build
      []$./build.sh release-tgz
      build.sh: *WARNING* Ignoring environment value for $ANT_HOME
      build.sh: Executing: /home/jfrench/tmp/jboss-head/jboss-portal/tools/bin/ant -logger org.apache.tools.ant.NoBannerLogger release-tgz
      Buildfile: build.xml
      Trying to override old definition of task property
       [echo] groups: default
       [echo] modules: common,test,api,faces,server,security,identity,format,portlet,theme,cms,bridge,samples,core
      file:/home/jfrench/tmp/jboss-head/jboss-portal/build/../tools/etc/buildfragments/buildmagic.ent:303: basedir does not exist!

      The offending line in buildmagic.ent is just the target that builds the tar ball.

      $JBOSS_HOME is set to the root of my JBOSS installation. Other than that, I can't see anything else interesting to set in local.properties. Help would be appreciated.