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    non-en problem

    Mike Khlu Newbie


      portal 2.2.1rc3.

      I create html page with russian letters in CMSadmin. When I look at ths page or retrieve it again in CMSAdmin I have ?????? instead ru-letters?.
      What I have to do?


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          Mike Khlu Newbie

          hei people
          look at this "exploit":
          create file.html in Ru (in cms admin) with this text
          then look at the last record of JBP_CMS_VERSION_BINVAL
          (six bytes in BINVAL_DATA field):
          61 62 63 e0 e1 e2
          it is cp1251 encoding !!!!

          why this text non unicoded ???
          then when i retrive it i have - 'abc???'

          I think that problem isn't in ContentTypeInterceptor case it sucefully
          sets UTF8, cause localized resources seems right (in russian).

          may be it is need to store text in CLobs insdead blobs ??? (a use Derby) or customize Jackrabbit ???

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            Mike Khlu Newbie

            look at the fourth row - last three quesion-signs was letters of my language (in textarea)

            is your portal i18nable ???

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              Mike Khlu Newbie

              but when I upload file on UTF-8 with russian characters - all correct.
              I think that cms saves the content in one byte encoding (cp1250 or same).
              Should I put this bug to JIRA ??
              Or wich source file contains this bug ???

              anybody say me anithing !!!
              am I crazy ? or Is this forum about MS SharePoint ???