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    fire that event, rich:calendar!

    Jan Andersson Newbie


      I'm having a problem with rich:calendar. I'd like it to rerender a outputPanel after the user has selected a new date.

      I've tried putting an action on a few different event handlers (onchanged etc) but nothing seems to work. I've also tried putting a a4j:support tag inside the calendar with no luck (don't think this should be necessary but wirth a try).

      A commandButton works so technically it should be ok...

      what am i missing?

      any help appreciated!

      <!- doesn't work -->
      <rich:calendar locale="sv" value="#{Utfall.kalender.time}" onchanged="#{Utfall.gaTillDag}" reRender="registreraPanel" datePattern="yyyyMMdd">
      <!- works -->
      <a:commandButton action="#{Utfall.gaTillDag}" reRender="registreraPanel" value="Uppdatera"/>
      <!-- want this to update when user selects a new date. -->
      <a:outputPanel id="registreraPanel">