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    Integrate Jboss portal with an existent application

    Ca Nguyen Newbie

      Hi all,
      I'm new to Jboss portal, so if this question is already asked, please give me the link to this topic. If not, please show me the solution.
      I developped a JE22 application (used Oracle 9i). Now, I'd like to integrate with jboss portal. I don't understand how can we do that. I mean in my database, I have already an user table. But with jboss portal, we need a portal user table. How can we intagrate these two tables?
      I read in the documentation of jboss portal, I know that we have to create new database for jboss portal. So we can not use an existent database for jboss portal? (I mean my database that I created for my J2EE application)
      Thank you for your help
      I really need your help as soon as possible