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    doView(), but not send back all the portal wrapper HTML

    J Kancianic Newbie

      We're using Ajax with the portal. We see examples of how to use servlets to handle Ajax requests and got that working, but we would prefer to have Ajax just call the associated portlet's actionURL and have the portlet generate the little HTML fragment we want our div tag to be populated with.

      Right now, the doView method send us to the .jsp file we want, but it includes all the extra portal wrapper HTML around it, such as the header portion of the page. We get a portal-within-a-portlet-within-a-portal effect. This is expected because of the default rendering model.

      Is there a way to have the doView() method sometimes just forward to the wanted .jsp file results so that only that .jsp-generated content is sent back? i.e. just don't add the rest of the portal-provided decorations.

      I think there may be tools in the portal code that can do things we need, but am struggling with knowing what options/features are available because there is a lack of documentation linking it all together.