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    Jboss portal custom portal - custom login - security constra

    ivan siviero Newbie

      i everyone.

      I use jboss portal 2.2.1.

      I have created a new portal within my application *-object.xml.
      Everything seems to look fine as i'm able to see the configuration into the management portlet.

      Now i want to access the page defined under my portal configuration.
      I tried the following urls but once logged in i'm not able to see and access the page defined even though i log in with a user with permission to view the page.
      It seems i get always logged to the default portal.





      Everything works fine if i deploy my application under the default portal.

      Question n. 2
      Is it possible to change the portal default login page to a custom login page ? I do not want to change the html of the default one.
      I only want my portal to log in from the customized login page.

      Question n.3
      my application is made up by only one portlet which handle requests.
      I have defined some security constraint which allow certain roles to access the portlet ( let's say customAdminRole and customUserRole ).
      Rendering is always delegated to jsp.
      i want to protect a folder which contains some jsp visible only to customAdmin role.
      How can i do that ?

      Thanx for the help.