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    Portlet Instance in Page problem !!!

    Eric Chow Apprentice


      For an individual portlet in a WAR, how can I add the portlet into a page ?
      Reference from the documents, we can do this by adding the instance and related configuration in the *-object.xml, right ?

      But, my problem is that, how can I add my new portlet into the existing page abd not for override the original page but only add the new portlet into it.

      For example, there are two portlets( portlet instance PortIns1 and PortIns2) in the Page1. And now I am going to deploy a new portletX (portletx.war) and wants that portletX add to the Page1. Therefore, the Page1 should has 3 portlets(PortIns1, PortIns2 and PortletX).

      I think it is impossible to do this in the 2.2.1 or 2.4(except using the management portlet), right?

      My suggestion is that can do this by configuration in the *-object.xml !!!!