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    Problem to understand the example HelloPortal

    Vikas Jain Newbie

      HI All,
      I am a new user.
      I am using
      MySql 5.0
      I have put the HelloPortal.war and AJAXPortlet.war in the jboss-portal-2.2.1-bundled\server\default\deploy directory.
      now i run my jboss server.
      On my browser http://localhost:8080/portal or http://localhost:8080/portal/HelloPortat or
      http://localhost:8080/portal/AJAXPortlet then it will display the same view.
      I don't understad how it actually working and what is the life cycle.
      I also don't understand the working of HelloPortat-object.xml that how it calls the jsp page.
      How can i create my own portlet in it and display that on my browser.

      Any help will be highly appreciated....

      Vikas Jain