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    Intercepting UserPortlet.addRolesToUser

    Jon French Newbie

      I have a need intercept the call to UserPortlet/RolePortlet.addRolesToUser(..) because I want to always synchronize JBoss Portal user roles with an external data store X such that when a user changes their roles in JBoss Portal, I would like to propagate the changes to X. Both UserPortlet and RolePortlet allow user-> role editing, so I'll need to intercept both Portlet's ActionRequest calls.

      I know I can do this by extending UserPortlet/RolePortlet, override addRolesToUser(...), and add my own custom code. Is there a better way do to this that anyone could see.

      Maybe through Interceptors??

      JBP 2.2.1
      JBAS 4.0.3SP1