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    JBossPortal Performance Bechmarks

    Patrick Dalla Bernardina Apprentice

      Hi everybody,

      there is any wiki or page talking about performance and scalability of jboss portal?

      I have tested my implemented intranet using JBoss Portal 2.0.

      I have some doubts:

      I've used SUN JVM on linux kernel 2.4 for a load test with 200 users request the initial page. In this case, the first response was returned within 5 seconds but the last response was returned in 4 minutes.
      Ive used the same configuration to test with 500 users. Some errors started to occur.
      Ive upgraded linux to kernel 2.6 and used JRockit JVM. The test with 200 users now have returned all responses in 4 minutes. This is the first doubt: why in linux 2.6 with JRockit the responses weren't being returned as they were processed? Any clue?

      The second question is about memory and JBoss 2.2. In my windows development environment i've installed JBossPortal 2.2 and migrated my intranet to it and JBoss crashes with the No PermGen Space error after some few redeployment some portlets (3 or 4 times). Why does it happens? Can I avoid this without increasing memory reserved to JVM (it is still configured to 1024Mb)?

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          harlequinn Newbie

          Redeployment problem is probably related to a known bug between Hibernate and Tomcat that does cause things to crash after a few redeployments. The sources I read about it (you can google with the exception) state that bug has to do with cglib, is unlikely to be fixed, and guidance is just to not redeploy on production without a complete reboot.

          Not an answer I really like myself but didn't find any betters. In dev environment best to just reboot jboss every few redeployments.