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    JBoss Portal 2.2.1-SP1 - Released


      The JBoss Portal Team is very proud to provide JBoss Portal 2.2.1-SP1.

      The files are available on our download page:

      The documentation is also viewable online:

      This version has been tested with JBoss-4.0.4.GA and fix a few additional issues (see the release notes) and improve the support for portlet session replication.

      Release Notes - JBoss Portal - Version 2.2.1 Final
      ** Feature Request
       * [JBPORTAL-535] - Define a default page in *-object.xml
       * [JBPORTAL-600] - Add runtime update of the interceptor stack
      ** Bug
       * [JBPORTAL-363] - portal-lib.tld and theme-basic.tld are invalid according to http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee/web-jsptaglibrary_2_0.xsd
       * [JBPORTAL-534] - Non-default locale issues in cms
       * [JBPORTAL-539] - Spring Portal Integration - JBPortal not following JSR168 for getPortletMode on an Action?
       * [JBPORTAL-543] - No such method in fileupload
       * [JBPORTAL-546] - Exception is thrown while trying to edit a page in another locale than the user default
       * [JBPORTAL-559] - Cannot create root context with oracle db as the empty string is interpreted as null
       * [JBPORTAL-560] - CMS Hibernate PM does not work on oracle
       * [JBPORTAL-568] - Security hibernate cache loader issue on oracle with zero length strings
       * [JBPORTAL-569] - Use transaction assembly with required to avoid self deadlock with jboss cache during logout
       * [JBPORTAL-571] - Security issues with code using hasPermission
       * [JBPORTAL-573] - Firefox does not understand directory tree javascript
       * [JBPORTAL-574] - Posting new topic doesn't handle national characters (utf-8) properly
       * [JBPORTAL-575] - Deployment fails on PostgreSQL: javax.jcr.RepositoryException: failed to load persisted repository state: java.sql.SQLException: ERROR: invalid large-object descriptor: 0
       * [JBPORTAL-582] - PortletRequest#getWindowState() produces an NPE in action request
       * [JBPORTAL-586] - Fix bugs in the transaction management handling of the cms hibernate persistence managers
       * [JBPORTAL-608] - Timed content is not serializable and raise issues in http session replication.
       * [JBPORTAL-618] - Preferences group id is not unique
       * [JBPORTAL-619] - Allow the rewrite content helper to rewrite zero length content and do not throw an IAE for that
       * [JBPORTAL-622] - Unable to manage a portlet with blank name.
       * [JBPORTAL-625] - Validation of form on Page Tab in Management UI
       * [JBPORTAL-684] - On shutdown of a web application, the classloader for the intercepter service cannot be retrieved from the JMX system
       * [JBPORTAL-722] - "Make Live" and "Version" are inverted on the edit page
       * [JBPORTAL-745] - FileURLNavigator does not work properly when a file name contains # or ?
       * [JBPORTAL-780] - PortalNodes URL goes to authenticated mode when in secure mode.
       * [JBPORTAL-867] - Update ehcache version to 1.2 for hibernate
       * [JBPORTAL-878] - Explicit ehcache configuration for hibernate
      ** Task
       * [JBPORTAL-325] - Implementation of HA-CMS
       * [JBPORTAL-477] - Extract JCR as a standalone service from CMS and inject it in CMS
       * [JBPORTAL-550] - Need to update the lgpl headers
       * [JBPORTAL-556] - Remove Parameters object usage in org.jboss.portlet.WindowEvent
       * [JBPORTAL-562] - Enable role portlet
       * [JBPORTAL-564] - Enable the decoupling of the deployment factory registration with the service lifeycle in order to make it controllable with an ha singleton
       * [JBPORTAL-567] - Clustered configuration for JBoss Portal 2.2
       * [JBPORTAL-589] - Verified Portal CMS working under Mysql, PGSQL, MS SQL, Oracle.
       * [JBPORTAL-590] - Clustered portal does not respect the jboss.partition.name system property
       * [JBPORTAL-598] - Update 2.2 Documentation
       * [JBPORTAL-724] - JBoss Portal 2.2 (Production as well as Release) has a problem while building from source. Build fails because 'samples' folder cannot be found
       * [JBPORTAL-739] - Improve management portlet loading
       * [JBPORTAL-743] - Improve dynamic registration/unregistration of deployment factories
       * [JBPORTAL-865] - Enable replication of application scope attributes
       * [JBPORTAL-866] - Serialize/Unserialize replicated portlet session attributes using the class loader of the portlet web application
      ** Patch
       * [JBPORTAL-603] - Bug fixes for idempotency redirect
       * [JBPORTAL-615] - Adding interceptors dynamically