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    Getting started?

    Scale It Newbie

      Im evaluating jboss portal and have a few questions:

      1) I managed to get the portal demosite running but i dont see
      the manager portlet anywhere. How to enable it?

      2) Would it be feasible to educate content managers who have no
      knowledge of xml and java to do all content management? We
      need a portal where content management and portlet development
      are two separate roles. The developers wont be there to help the
      content managers once the initial setup of the portal is done.

      3) The userguide seems to target developers. Are there any docs
      for contents managers/designers?

      4) Would designers who have no knowledge beyond adobe tools and
      css be able to apply their design to the portal without help from

      5) The refernce and the user guide seems a little thin, and i cant find
      anything usefull elsewhere n the net. Does jboss provide any
      additional documentation through their couses?

      6) I cant find any search feature/portlet, is searching not supported?