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    New Context Naming in Portal 2.2

    wl Chung Newbie

      I am confused by the extra "/portal" in portal 2.2. In the example, the following link works.


      But it is different from the document which has the format
      /portal/default/pageName, ( not /portal/portal/default/pageName ).

      My project started with in portal 2.0. So it follows the /portal/default/pageName format. In which the /portal is the root context and can be removed by changing
      a) local.properties then re-compile (as in user guide 3.2) or
      b) <context-root> in portal-server.war\WEB-INF\jboss-web

      Now after migration to portal 2.2, I can still remove the first /portal by the above methods. But I cannot remove the second /portal. Furthermore, I have to change the url-pattern in the security-constraint of web.xml in order to have the same JAAS result. I wonder why the extra /portal is added to the web context.

      Also now there should be new way to make the portal site have a clean url, i.e. http://domain/myportal ( not http://domain/portal/myportal ), because the old way only removes the root context "/portal".

      Want to know if it is possible to configure the portal 2.2 to remove the extra /portal ?


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          Robert S. Sfeir Newbie

          Anyone care to answer this? We have the same problem. In fact, I can't modify the context-root and still get it to work without having /portal/portal/eric. We have sites that link to us externally to specific pages based on how things worked in 2.0, and with this change that will break everyone's links short of us putting a ton of redirect pages.

          What's the easiest way to get /portal/eric in our case?

          Thanks again