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    How to Make some listshuttle rows on one side disable

    soubhratra das Newbie

      Hi experts,
      I have a requirement where my target list in the list shuttle will get data from two sources. One is the source list of the list shuttle and another from other source. the rows that are added to the target list of the list shuttle from other source can not be removed by clicking remove / remove all buttons. Is this possible? can I make some of the rows on one side disabled or put some identifier to some rows which I can then detect in the javascript event of remove / remove all click?

      Second can the source and target list have different columns. List my requirement is to have one extra column in target side to visually identify the rows from different source. But that column I donot need on the source list. Can it possible or can a column be hidden on one dist and displayed on other?

      Thanks in advance for your help.