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    2.2.1-SP1 CMS not working with PostgreSQL

    David Eagen Newbie

      I have the portal 2.2.1-sp1 installed and working with PostgreSQL. That is, so far everything works except the CMS system. I can't edit any pages. When I try to save a new version of a page, the title and description are saved but the actual content of the page is left blank.

      Also, how can I tone down the log level? Right now it's logging debug info and the server.log file is huge.


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          Craig Rutfield Newbie

          I have also been trying to tone down the logging level without success.

          I have modified the /usr/local/jboss/server/default/conf/log4j.xml to use ERROR and INFO levels, but the server.log is still filled with DEBUG information.
          I do not see any changes on the LINUX server; however, it works fine on Windows XP using the exact same jboss directory. That implies a dependency on an envirnoment variable or classpath.

          I have also modified the tomcat/conf levels without success. I am using JBOSSS 4.04 with JBP Beta1.