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    Problem with themes or layout or...?

    Jerome SOULIE Newbie

      I had "JBossPortal 2.2.1RC3+JBoss AS bundle" installed on Linux Debian, behind an Apache web server, and using PostgreSQL 8.1.3. It worked fine !

      I've installed "JBoss 2.2.1 SP1+JBoss AS bundle" to fix some problems, and now I see the JBossPortal pages with no decoration, and no pictures at all !
      It seems there's no theme, no layout, and no pictures (except the pictures of the default page : jboss_logo.gif, support.gif, plugin.gif and project.gif). Don't see any pictures of the themes, even if I change it.

      I have no errors on the log (just one that I had before : "Locale name null or empty, ignoring"). That's all !

      The database seems to be ok : I can see the records in the PostgreSQL tables...

      What else ? Thank you for your help !!