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    JBoss Portal 2.4 Beta1: portlet instances not created

    mike moses Newbie

      MySQL 4.1.16
      JbossPortal 2.4 Beta1

      I was successfully deploying a custom portal and several custom portlets under a previous version of JBoss Portal 2.4 (CVS Head obtained 03/25/06).

      I have installed bossPortal 2.4 Beta1. The custom portal and portlets do not generate any errors when deployed, but none of the instances show up in the JBoss/Admin/Management Portlet. Consequently, attempts to view the custom portal in a browser results in "Object not found <missing instance name>" in all window locations.

      Here is an excerpt from the *-object.xml file for the custom portal:

      Please note that 'CMSDisplay.CMSDisplayPortlet' is referencing a custom portlet that is deployed in a different war file.

      For some reason, the 'HomePageContentInstance' is not created.

      I can create the 'HomePageContentInstance' manually by using the JBoss/Admin/Management Portlet interface.

      Has the parsing of the *-object.xml file and/or instance creation changed in some way with JBoss Portal 2.4 Beta1?


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          I am not sure where your problem is coming from, but Portal 2.4 and above should be deployed on JBoss 4.0.4 and above, try this setup and report any errors you might encounter. Please include your full object.xml file and any related descriptors, as well as stack traces from the server logs.

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            mike moses Newbie

            As per your recommendation, I am installing JBoss 4.0.4 GA right now. If I encounter any errors, I'll follow up with xml files and stack traces.

            BTW, I see that the jboss-portal-2.4.0-BETA1-src contains a file named portlet-instances.xml located in the following directories:

            Is the portlet-instances.xml a new file for the BETA1 version or has it been included for legacy support?

            If it is a BETA1 file, should the portlet instances be defined in the *object.xml file or the portlet-instances.file?

            The reason I ask is because it appears the PortalAppDeployment.java source file (..\core\src\main\org\jboss\portal\core\deployment\jboss) has been revised in the BETA1 version to use the portal-instances.xml file.