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    Deploying 2.4 Portal Beta - Main Issues

    Danny Thornton Novice

      I pulled the CVS version of JBoss Portal on June 10th. The following is a list of the main issues I had. I'm running on MySQL 4, using both Windows XP and Linux.

      1) New Users can not register and can not log in.
      2) Changes to the Management Portlet do not persist. Restarting the server goes back to the default-object.xml configuration.
      3) It would be nice to change the title of the default tab in the Management Portlet instead of having to do it in the file *-object.xml.

      Thanks Ryszard for fixing the direct links to forum messages. I couldn't have done a demo I wanted to do without that link.
      1) Previewing a message blows up quite frequently resulting in a loss of the message. Posted messages often can not be updated using edit because of the same problem.
      2) For users who are viewing a specific forum message and are not logged in, it would be nice to have the 'Post Reply' option visible - the way the current JBoss forums works.
      3) It would be nice if the default mode of the forums listed the forums rather than listing the latest posted topics.