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    User Control of Portlets

    Ryan Flammer Newbie


      I am running JBoss Portal 2.2 on Jboss 4.03SP1.

      I want to allow a user to select which portlets he wants in his portal. I know that there is a "remove" decoration for the title bar, like minimize and maximize. However, I can't figure out how to add that into the title bar.

      Ultimately I am trying to make a fully customizable portal, as seen on the Google portal, or at least something similar.

      So I guess what I am asking is how to get the "remove" button on portlet windows and how to let the user add portlets to a portal page.


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          Ryan Flammer Newbie

          To add the remove button, do I need to change an xml file somewhere?

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            Ryan Flammer Newbie

            I am thinking that in order to do this I can make a portlet which gathers a list of portlets available to the user. The user can check boxes with portlets they want. But in order to do this, the portlet would need to be able to communicate with the portal to

            a. find all the portlets that can be added
            b. add the portlets to the page

            It must be possible because the management portlet is similar to this, however it changes for all users, not just the current user.
            Please let me know what you think, and any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

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              Steve Dunstan Newbie

              I think they are planning something like this for the 2.6 release. However, I think you could do something like this: 1) put all the portlets on a page assigned to a different role per portlet 2) create a portlet that allows the user to customize the portal 3) when a user selects a portlet, dynamically assign them to the role.

              Good luck,