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    building jboss portal from its source

    lavanya lingampalli Newbie


      I am trying to build the jboss portal from its source using the command "build deploy" on windows in the build directory of the jboss_home directory.

      I have already downloaded the source code, and now while trying to build it, an error occurs which says "ant script doesn't exist"

      Can anyone help me out with this.


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          Rali Genova Novice

          it would have been helpful to see the whole stack trace of your error, as well as which ant script doesn't exist, but try another command - from jboss-portal-2.4/build type ant deploy, but make sure you have set JBOSS_HOME in your environment (where the application server is) otherwise the build will fail - after building the source this target copies the jboss-portal.sar into the deploy dir of your JBOSS_HOME. If you'd like to just build the sources, use 'ant' or 'ant main'