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    Some function not work after migrate to 2.4-beta1

    Eric Chow Apprentice


      I wrote some portlets and they work in 2.2(SP1, SP2) very well.

      After move to 2.4beta1, some function not work.

      For example,


      <a href="#" onClick='document.myForm.action.value="add"'; document.myForm.submit();">Add

      In the above JSP, it works very well in JBos Portal 2.2(sp1 and sp2). But in 2.4beta1, the "action value" always be empty when I tried to get it in portlet by using renderRequest.getParameter("action").

      Is there any problem?

      But it works if I use

      <portlet:renderURL var="addURL">
      <portlet:param name="action" value="add"/>

      It seems not work with the form?

      Please help me !