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    Replace env-entry in web.xml

    Alfredo Ledezma Newbie


      I'm using jboss as a first approach to adopt java in my company with excellent results. I'm developing a SAP-Java webapp which is using a JNDI variable to determine the enviroment where SAP connections are taken from (DVT, QAT and PRT). To isolate this behavior I used a env-entry inside my web.xml descriptor file.


      The problem I'm facing is that everytime I deploy my application on each server I have to edit this value to point the correct SAP environment.

      My question is, how can I define a value inside server configuration, so I can't depend on web.xml to taje this value (I guess is JNDI related stuff, but I haven't find it googling)?

      I tried putting jboss-service.xml into ${jboss.server.default}/deploy using the example in


      And I didn't get success trying to lookup for urls/jboss-home. If this is the correct path, can somebody tell me how to get this value.

      Any help would be really appreciated.