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    JSP, Servlet e <portlet:defineObjects/>

    Vincenzo Segreto Newbie

      Hi all,
      I'm using JBoss AS 4.0.4GA + JBoss Portal 2.4 beta1

      I've an annoying problem.
      My web application uses portlet, servlet and jsp.
      I've a form in a jsp page (nuovogs.jsp for example) to which I access by a servlet previously requested by dispatch call from a portlet.
      Dispatching follow exactly this logic:

      portlet1(disatching)-->view.jsp(form action)-->portlet1(dispatching)-->servlet(dispatching)-->
      -->nuovogs.jsp(form action)-->servlet(dispathing):
      -->nuovogs.jsp [if get error into form]
      -->output.jsp [otherwise]

      The problem is: I can arrive to nuovogs.jsp page, return to servlet, but from servlet to a jsp page (though a different page) containing the <portlet:defineObjects/> portlet tag, I get a 500 error nullpointerexception from jasper.

      If the last dispatch is to a page without that portlet tag, a html page for example, all is ok, but the output is in a new page, and not in the porltet window from i come, I think because absence of that portlet tag.

      How can i do to make it return without errors in the nuovogs.jsp?