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    Help offered: JBoss Portal on BEA WLS 9

    Ronald van Kuijk Master


      I've seen that JBoss portal currently does not run on other appservers than JBoss AS. But that it still is a focus to be able to do so.

      I'm in the process of convinging others in our organisation that we do not need Bea WLS as an appserver and can run JBoss as well. They are not ready (yet), but we are allowed to start using JBoss jBPM and Alfresco (ok not JBoss but a nice product) The latter also has a portlet that runs in JBoss Portal, which lead me to the thing that it would be nice to have jBPM portlets as well, BUT..... it all has to run on Bea WLS 9 for now. To get JBoss portal in, we (me and a fried) could spend some time looking into issues on getting JBoss Portal running on WLS, but only if there are not to many issues (the time is limited).

      If there already is a list with issues (I did not find anything in Jira or on the wiki and certainly not in the docs, but I could have used incorrect search terms, so spank me if I did). That would be helpful. I've installed Bea WLS already and will try to get some results (positive or negative) with trying to get JBoss Portal on there.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Thomas Heute Master

          This is planned for jboss portal 3.0
          Actually more than that ie: server agnostic so you can run portal on any app server and even tomcat standalone by using JBoss microcontainer.

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master


            Thanks for the quick response. I also meant 'server agnostic' but indeed did not mention that. Nowing it is planned for 3.0 is more then I could find... but.... ;-)

            Do you mean by this that we should *not* spend any time on trying to get issues fixed if we find them when trying to run JBoss Portal on WLS 9? Will it be to difficult? Does the portal code need refactoring to become server agnostic?

            If so, we currently have to look for another product, but no worries, I'll try to switch to JBoss Portal as soon as possible.

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              Thomas Heute Master

              I meant you could make this happen sooner ;)

              JBoss Portal relies on many different services, it is probably a time consuming task.

              That said, you should really convince your organization to move to JBoss AS since you are willing to use different pieces of JEMS, plus you could get support service for AS+portal+jBPM (i know you already are a jBPM expert ;) ). I don't see the point to stick with the other AS (except for religious reasons)

              sales@jboss.org will be happy to help you convince them. Those documents could help you too: http://www.jboss.com/resources/exec

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                Ronald van Kuijk Master

                :-P It's not so much religious as it is that they (internal support) are afraid employees need to have new training etc.

                Regarding the jira issue... I get the point. Never thought this was the 'container' issue for running it on other appservers. Sounds like I have to speed up the internal memo to get the opportunity to talk to Kris d'Hooge from JBoss Belgium/Benelux. So I'm working on speeding things up, but in a different way.

                Thanks anyway. Would be good however to add a small comment to the jira issue that this is needed to run it on other appservers. Or make a new Jira issue that is dependant on this one. It shows up on the then.