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    action/render urls and redirects from portal

    Thomas Roka-Aardal Newbie

      Is there any good reason that a renderUrl created by a portlet ends up in a redirect to the page? I understand the idempotent/non-idempotent issue raised by action urls that could require a redirect (so no reloads end up re-doing the action), but why does a renderUrl to a portlet do a redirect? Couldn't this be done by an include? It would basically make it much, much easier to rewrite urls in apache, and would solve the problems most of the users have with portal urls.

      Example: I have a portlet that has defaults used when requesting the page, but it can also accept render requests directly with different parameters (safe for reloads). But there is simply no easy way to get that different request represented in the url so that it can be bookmarked.