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    getting 3.2.1 with some improvements from 3.2.2

    Thi My-Duyen Koehler Newbie

      Hello rich face gurus,

      i have an big problem. my website must work with ie and firefox. the site is almost done, but there were nasty problems which has been fixed with the 3.2.1 version. but in the 3.2.1 i've got problems with my scrollable datatables, because i have 2 (or more) of them on the same page and so the resizing of columns are broken.
      hoping that the problems has been solved, i switched to the 3.2.2 version. there the resizing works fine (because the css-classes which rules the width of a column are now individual for each table) but i got a whole load of new problems, rerendering, tree etc. in about 2 weeks there will be an important demonstration, so time is critical.
      so there is my question: is there any chance to get an 3.2.1 release with an 3.2.2.-scrollable-datatable-column-resizer ?
      maybe it's a blasphemous question but:
      is there any chance to compile richface myself, so i can make an hybrid version (with the red hat developer studio) ?

      sorry for my rude question :-)