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    JBoss Portal 2.4.0 CR1 and facelets/myfaces

    Shaun Collins Newbie

      Describe your environment:
      JBoss Portal Version
      2.4.0 CR1

      Did you get Portal from CVS? or download it?

      JBoss AS Version
      4.0.4 GA

      Database Vendor and Version
      enterprise db 8.1

      JDBC Connector and Version
      EnterpriseDB Native Driver, version: EnterpriseDB

      OS Platform
      windows xp sp2

      Describe the problem:
      I'm trying to use jboss portal, facelets/myfaces, and seam. When I initially load a portlet, everything works fine. After logging in, the server gets the information from the database and displays it correctly. Once I click on any command link or command button on the page, I get an authentication error. Is it possible that the authentication information is lost somewhere. Also, this worked fine in 2.4.0 Beta 1.

      Post the error messages, if any.
      Just the browser error : 401 "This request requires HTTP authentication ()"

      Post important sections of stack traces inside Code blocks, if any.