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    File locations

    D Johnson Newbie

      I have seen references to various file locations. However, I am having problems understanding the configuration topology and where files are located. Is there a document that describes the locations only, with a quick location summary.

      For example I want to change out the login screen and I have been trying to determine where my images folder should be placed. A document describing this would be great.

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          shiv b Newbie

          What I did was put the images of my login page in the "portal-core" directory within jboss-portal.sar...

          For example, I place image1.gif in portal-core/images and then modify the link to the image in login.jsp to src="/portal-core/images/image1.gif".

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            Louise Liddell Newbie

            If you want to keep you images out of the portal sar then you can do the following:

            In your WebContent directory of your war/web app (or the directory where your WEB_INF dir is located), make an 'images' directory and put all your images in there.

            Then, in your jsp you can get to those images using code similar to this, assuming you have an image named myimage.jpg in the images directory:

            <IMG SRC="<%= response.encodeURL(renderRequest.getContextPath() + "/images/") %>myimage.jpg">