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    Interportlet Communication (Again)

    Robert Fernandes Newbie

      I have checked out all the threads on this topic and have not found the answer to my issue. I am running JBoss Portal 2.2 on Linux. As I am new to portlet development, I am attempting to make use of the freely available book by Hepper, et. al. which was never published by Manning. In Chapter 3, there is a project with two portlets, a Calendar portlet and a Todo portlet. The Calendar portlet has actionURL's for each date - when you click a date, it sets the date value in a bean stored in the portlet session at application scope. The Todo portlet should read that date and display the date as well as any Todo's you have set up on that date.

      The problem is that the Todo portlet only picks up the date when it has a mode change (view to edit and vice versa). I can click 4 or 5 dates in a row on the Calendar portlet with no change in the Todo portlet. Not even refreshing the page does anything. But if I put the Todo portlet in edit mode (or back to view mode), it displays the last date I clicked on the Calendar. So obviously the date is being set, but I have no idea why the Todo portlet won't see it unless the mode changes.

      If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it. I am quite new to this whole portlet idea and there are precious few resources for portlet development out there. Also - I downloaded the HelloPortletIPC example, but I want to stick with JSR168 compliance. These portlets use jsps and the jstl tag libraries if that matters. I can post code if anyone wants to see it.


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          Paul Freeman Newbie


          Also - I downloaded the HelloPortletIPC example, but I want to stick with JSR168 compliance.

          I think thats where the problem lies as IPC is outside the scope of JSR168... this reference might be of interest, though I havent studied it enough to decide if its more practical than using the JBoss features, then rewiring at a later date if an app moves to another portal platform. I think its interesting that the writer suggests at the end that future standards are more likely to be like the extensions offered by portal vendors (including JBoss) than her own more JSR168 agnostic approach.


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            Robert Fernandes Newbie

            Thank you, free1000, for that link. I found the information I needed on that page. My portlets were coded properly, but apparently JBoss caches portlet render fragments so I had to add


            to my portlet.xml. Now it works perfectly. On to the next project!