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    Portal helping us manage user access to business data

    Eric Swärd Newbie

      Hi, excuse me for being a newbie when it comes to JBOSS Portal. My question is Could JBOSS Portal be an alternative for our Business Intelligence Solution built on Open Source systems Mondrain OLAP and Eclipse BIRT Reporting?

      The problem we have is related to rights to view data in reports. Both Mondrian and BIRT need to have the user (or user group is OK as well) passed with the URL sent to the server when clicking a link on the web page. The information identifying the user will then be used for the reports to filter the data to only show the data for the specific user.

      The users are selecting reports form a web page where each link links to a report. Now, I can not have a links for specific users, the links are shared for different users. This means that the user id have to be added to the link dynamically. Is this something that JBOSS Portal can do for us!!