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    JBoss Portal with struts bridge

    Shailesh Barde Newbie

      Hi Group,
      This is my first post on the group!
      I am currently trying to develop a Jboss Portal Application using the struts Bridge. I was trying to search on the net for any information on Struts Bridge but was unable to execute succesfully on JBoss-4.0.3.sp1 . If anyone can provide me the sample source code for any Jboss Portal Application using Struts Bridge it would be very helpful.
      Ihave tried struts-demo-for-jboss-portal ,but it has to be modified as per our need & run it on JBoss server which i am not able to do..Anyone who knows how to execute this application properly on JBoss can reply back....

      Waiting for reply!

      Shailesh Barde