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    Dynamic creating portals

    Jeroen Koek Newbie

      Hello guys,

      In my task to create user specific portals, I have another question.

      At this moment I'm able to; change a page, create a page dynamic using a portlet or a servlet.


      Let's say I have template that contains a portal root and pages.
      The portal root is defined by a macro, so I can replace it.

      When a new user logs on, I want to kick in the template in case the user is new. Based on the entered criteria I can determine what kind of portal the user should get.

      The template contains a regular defined portal (such as *-object.xml) Within the template all user constrains (read roles) are defined.

      So I need to read in the xml file, parse the template and then call the J2EE deployment/portal XML translator to generate the portal for me.

      What is the best approach to hook in and reuse some existing functionality of the JBoss portal?

      When the template principle is supported the login can be used to create user (pre)defined portals.

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          Viet Master

          could you give an example please ?

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            Jeroen Koek Newbie

            A new user logs on to the system.

            Based on the settings the user entered a portal is created.

            For instance the user is asked how many news portlets he wants on the screen.
            The user is able to design it's own portal based on the instances of portlets that are created.
            To help him a template is available which gives for every general type of user a portal (*-object.xml).
            After filling in the questions the portal should be created with the preferences the user has entered.
            Also the constrains are entered into the page for every instance. So the user is able to setup user rights for other users/roles.
            Even in cases where I don't have enough instance, I should be able to create a new instance of a portlet (newportlet-instances.xml or extending the existing *-instances.xml)

            I'm using dojo to move the portlets around on the client and make them resizeable (FloatPane).
            With the servlet that you helped me with I can save the position of the window (as preference of the portlet instance, every portlet instance is tied to one page for a user).

            I'm have created my own layout style that injects the type of window I want passed on the position/area on the screen (also dojo based).
            To communicate with the server from out of the window I'm using RPC
            (also dojo based). With this communication I can remove or add portlets to a page.

            But the page flow stays as is (for the moment). I can even created new pages if needed, so the user can save multiple instances of a page and change some preferences on the new page (newpage-object.xml).

            If I could create pages with an xml style I can preserve the information to create a portal in a manor that is portable and according to standards.

            I hope it is a bit more clear for you.