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    Portlet Lifecycle, navigation and JSF

    Colin Toal Newbie

      Hi All,

      I hope this hasn't been answered already - but I'm working with CVS latest of JBP 2.4 on JBoss 4.0.4GA + EJB3 and Seam.

      I have configured a MyFaces JSF based portlet on a page and I have some JSF based navigation through some different JSF views within this portlet.

      I would like the JSF portlet's current View to be discarded when the user changes Portal pages.

      I noticed from the MyFaces Portlet code that the current View is stored in a Portlet Session value, but I don't have a convenient portlet lifecycle event (i.e. - a 'portlet no logner displayed' event) to clear this value or otherwise discard the current view state.

      Is there such a Portlet event ? I couldn't find any in JSR-168.

      Has anyone encountered a similar problem ?

      Thanks in advance