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    Custom Authentication

    Jim Whitmoyer Newbie

      Greetings -

      i am looking to customize the default user authentication module. In a nutshell, i need to accomplish the following:

      (i am running the 2.4 RC3 bundle)

      i need to add flags to the user to determine granularity of permissions within individual portlets... in other words, userA can edit all fields on a portlet window, userB cannot, but can view. userC can change field 1,2, 4, blah, blah, blah... there are literally 1000's of combinations within the system i am building. depending onlly on roles / groups could get a bit messy and confusing.

      should i just extend the user portlets and database tables to reflect the addional user permissions?

      Should i just bypass the portal security model completely and build my own? (this kinda defeats the purpose of using portal)

      Has anyone run into a "security" roadblock before in regards to multiple levels of granulatity within different portlets in the same portal deployment?