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    How to do virutal hosts with JBoss Portal

    Sverker Abrahamsson Novice

      This maybe is a RTFM question but I can't find it anywere in the docs and my tests has been unsuccessful.

      Say that I want to deploy tree websites on a single instance of JBoss application server as separate virtual hosts, e.g. www.foo.com, www.bar.com and www.gazonk.com.

      This is normally not a problem, just set virtual-host and context-path in jboss-web.xml.

      However, say that I want each to be a portal using JBoss Portal. I.e. each site is a separate instance.

      How should I do then? Just setting jboss-web.xml as usual in the war file with my portal definition doesn't work, it just shows the files in the war file and doesn't seam to connect to the portal server.

      For me this is a key issue to start using JBoss Portal